mobile and stationary winders for conveyor belts and cables

Hille Machinery represents the widest range of winders from capacity 3 tons upt to 120 tons mounted on trailers or skids. Equipped with hydraulic or electromechanical prime mover with high torque these winders are designed for all needs of the customers worldwide.

Please see the samples on the next page and send us your enquiry with following specs: capacity, dimensions of drum or spool, wanted torque at what rotation speed, site conditions, mobile or stationary, diesel- or electric motor.

Since 1806

the Hille company in Harlingerode/Germany is engaged in manufacturing trailers for all kind of materials - for woodworking, farming and mining.


From 1945 on Otto Hille started to build special trailers for transporting and winding cables, the first mobile winders for conveyor belts were manufactured in 1956 for Neyveli Lignite Corporation in India and 1964 for Continental in Germany.


From the 70ties of the 20th century on Hans-Heinrich Hille delivered winders into many countries abroad, for example Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Thailand, India, Chile, Venezuela, VAE, Kuwait, Irak, Greece, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Norway, Oman, Czech Republic, Pakistan – and Germany of course.

Triple chain electro-mechanical drive -

most efficient -

easy to maintain -

simple and longlife confirmed -

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