Single axle winding and transporting trailers, different types of 2–7 tons payload full springed, 80 km/h allowed speed diesel-hydraulic drum drive with friction wheels pressed to the drum rim or direct shaft drive.

Mobile winder extremely short and manoeuverable, load capacity from 15 to 60 tons, all kinds of winding systems, suitable for muddy and rough terrain by big tires.

Stationary winder for loads up to 120 tons, diesel-hydraulic and electric-hydraulic winding impulsion- or electric geared motor with triple chain drive, max. torque 120 kNm.

Two and three axle trailers for loads up to 25 tons, steering and guiding belt device, selfloading by hydraulic wire rope winches,full springed for 80 km/h speed, diesel-geared-triple chain drive.

This is our most poduced standard winder :


capacity   20        30     40      50       70  tons

torque       41        41     58      58       82  kNm

speed        up to 7 rpm or more

dia of roll  max 4800 mm (extra size to be asked for)

electromechanical drive with triple chain

simple, easy to operate and maintain


Loading of 8 winders for a big mine in Russia

dismantled for safe tranport and low cost

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